Shawn Blanchard


Vice President of Transportation


Shawn Blanchard came to NOPB in March, 2014, and served as a Trainmaster prior to being appointed the Public Belt’s Vice President of Transportation in August, 2015. Shawn began his railroad career over 10 years ago with CSX Transportation as a Conductor and Yardmaster in New Orleans, Louisiana. Shawn worked as a manager for CSX Transportation as a Terminal Trainmaster in Mobile, Alabama, as a Hump Terminal Trainmaster in Birmingham, Alabama, and as a Line of Road Trainmaster in Bessemer, Alabama. He continued to expand his knowledge through nearly a year spent working as Manager of Transportation for an energy company operating coal mines in Alabama, West Virginia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Prior to his career in the railroad industry, Mr. Blanchard worked as a police officer, and as a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Specialist for the United States Marine Corps.